BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
SEARCH_SELECT_branchcomments addedTomasz Motylewski13 years
STABLE_1_x_branchMore aperture macros updatesStefan Petersen9 years
gerbv-2-1correct version number on release branchDan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-2set rev after 2.2.0 releaseDan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-3set release branch numberDan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-4Bump release branch rev to 2.4.1RC1Dan McMahill7 years
gerbv-2-5set version to 2.5.1RC1 on 2-5 branchDan McMahill6 years
gerbv-2-6Set to 2.6.1RC1 on release branchDan McMahill5 years
home/ssn/refactor_hypotchange sqrt(x*x+y*y) -> hypot(x,y)Sergey Stepanov17 months
masterHandle IDRILL export like DRILL/RS274x exportUwe Bonnes27 hours
gerbv-2-6-1-RELEASEcommit e868e48c7a...Sergey Alyoshin4 years
gerbv-2-6-RELEASEcommit c8b2524863...Dan McMahill5 years
gerbv-2-5-RELEASEcommit 909d57ceb0...Dan McMahill6 years
gerbv-2-4-RELEASEcommit 67e1c901d5...Dan McMahill7 years
gerbv-2-3-RELEASEcommit ec27721f04...Dan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-3-basecommit e46b932191...Dan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-2-RELEASEcommit e75b9d5ca3...Dan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-2-basecommit 1b9d91ad77...Dan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2_1_0_releasecommit a72cc72970...Stuart Brorson8 years
gerbv-2-1-basecommit 111088b6e9...Stuart Brorson8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
27 hoursHandle IDRILL export like DRILL/RS274x exportHEADmasterUwe Bonnes1-27/+16
27 hoursUpdate golden test filesSergey Alyoshin4-0/+0
27 hoursAllow to specify rotation from cmdline when exportingUwe Bonnes2-11/+15
27 hoursFor Translate, use 'x' as delimiter as for other coordinate input.Uwe Bonnes2-8/+25
3 daysReport aperture macro parametersSergey Alyoshin2-9/+122
3 daysCleanup gerber_parse_file_segment()Sergey Alyoshin1-26/+13
4 daysFix macro line21 and line22 bounding box calculationSergey Alyoshin2-4/+4
7 daysReplace sqrt(a*a + b*b) with hypot(a, b)Sergey Alyoshin2-9/+5
7 daysFix parameter[LINE22_HEIGHT/2] typoSergey Alyoshin1-4/+5
7 daysRemove unused gerbv_bbox_t structure typedefSergey Alyoshin1-5/+0