BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
STABLE_1_x_branchMore aperture macros updatesStefan Petersen11 years
gerbv-2-1correct version number on release branchDan McMahill10 years
gerbv-2-2set rev after 2.2.0 releaseDan McMahill10 years
gerbv-2-3set release branch numberDan McMahill9 years
gerbv-2-4Bump release branch rev to 2.4.1RC1Dan McMahill9 years
gerbv-2-5set version to 2.5.1RC1 on 2-5 branchDan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-6Set to 2.6.1RC1 on release branchDan McMahill7 years
gerbv-2-6-xbump version on release branch per documentationDan McMahill20 months
home/ssn/refactor_hypotchange sqrt(x*x+y*y) -> hypot(x,y)Sergey Stepanov3 years
masterDon't call g_variant_unref() after g_variant_new_fixed_array()Sergey Alyoshin42 min.
gerbv-2-6-x-PATCH002commit 85ca39ad30...Dan McMahill20 months
gerbv-2-6-1-RELEASEcommit e868e48c7a...Sergey Alyoshin5 years
gerbv-2-6-RELEASEcommit c8b2524863...Dan McMahill7 years
gerbv-2-5-RELEASEcommit 909d57ceb0...Dan McMahill8 years
gerbv-2-4-RELEASEcommit 67e1c901d5...Dan McMahill9 years
gerbv-2-3-RELEASEcommit ec27721f04...Dan McMahill9 years
gerbv-2-3-basecommit e46b932191...Dan McMahill9 years
gerbv-2-2-RELEASEcommit e75b9d5ca3...Dan McMahill10 years
gerbv-2-2-basecommit 1b9d91ad77...Dan McMahill10 years
gerbv-2_1_0_releasecommit a72cc72970...Stuart Brorson10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
42 min.Don't call g_variant_unref() after g_variant_new_fixed_array()HEADmasterSergey Alyoshin1-8/+0
42 min.Change GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR env value for WindowsSergey Alyoshin1-2/+4
42 min.Move gdk_drawable_get_visual()Sergey Alyoshin1-4/+2
42 min.Don't redefine some HAVE_* in csv_defines for WinSergey Alyoshin1-2/+10
42 min.Revert check if image->format is not NULLSergey Alyoshin1-5/+8
42 min.Replace ssize_t with long int for MinGWSergey Alyoshin2-70/+70
23 hours* Report layer bounding size in analyze dialogSergey Alyoshin5-268/+485
23 hoursSave main and analyze windows size and positionSergey Alyoshin3-30/+188
23 hoursRename lastMeasuredX, YSergey Alyoshin3-22/+23
23 hoursReplace #warning with TODO commentSergey Alyoshin1-1/+1